Toeprints Dance Studio

"How Dancers Leave Their Mark"

Toeprints all inclusive tuition for easier budgeting

Tuition Includes

  • Class Tuition for small class sizes! Allows for individual teaching practices that allow for the students to excel in class in their own way

  • Costume for the Showcase- No costume fee at holiday time or in the middle of the winter; it's put right into your montly tuition. The exception is Broadway classes where we may make them or already have something that will work. If not we shop outside of dance costume companies to help keep the cost down.

  • Recital Fees- no extra fees to have the end of the year showcase at the historical Smith Opera House in downtown Geneva, NY

  • Safe Environment- From state of the art dace floors, adjustable height barres and age appropriate dancers on pointe shoes-to not letting a student leave unless we see who is picking them up. We strive for a safe and fun atmosphere to learn in.

  • TICKETS to the Showcase!- Each account gets TWO tickets PER student. For all of their hard work, (and you paying and transporting them to and from the studio), you should be able to come cheer them on during the greatest moment of the year. More tickets available for purchase if desired.

$15 registration fee


10% discount on total monthly tuition for a FAMILY DISCOUNT

20% discount on 3rd class or any class after that per student

5% discount if whole year is paid in the first month's tuition


All prices below are per month ---only item not included is the required clothing & shoes for dance class

Optional Costs: Professional picture in costume, DVD of Showcase, Extra tickets

We accept cash, checks and credit cards (automatic payments available)

Preschool- $69

Combo 1- $77

Combo 2- $78

Combo 3- $79

Ballet 1- $71

Ballet 2- $73

Prepointe- $79

Ballet 3 & beg pointe- $88

Ballet 4- $80

Pointe- $75 (requires to also take Ballet 4)

Tap 1- $71

Tap 2- $73

Tap 3- $79

Tap 4- $80

Lyrical 1- $71

Lyrical 2- $73

Lyrical 3- $79

Broadway 1- $68 (does not include costume)

Broadway 2- $68 (does not include costume)

Jazz 1- $71

Jazz 2- $73

Jazz 3- $79

Hiphop 1- $71

Hiphop 2- $73

Hiphop 3 - $79

Irish 1- $71

Irish 2- $79

Irish 3- $79

Private lesson 1/2 hour $88