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COMING SOON!- Rhythm Works Integrative Dance - A Hiphop dance program for kids with autism, down syndrome, sensory processing disorder & other individual learning differences. "Everyone Can Dance!"


PreSchool Classes

Ages 3 & 4 year olds

Based on ballet technique but really focused on creative moment. A class that gets them introduced to the aspects of the studio in a fun and creative manner that is age appropriate and fun. You may hear "piece of pizza" used along side the term first position. This is a 45 minute once a week class. All students should be potty trained. If your kid moves constantly to music and gallops and spins in your living room. This may be the class to try and see if we can put that natural talent to good use.

Combination Classes

Ages: multiple ages and ability levels for the younger student

This is an hour class that teaches both ballet and tap. We have a series of combination classes that the younger student takes before they can start picking which discipline that they would like to continue to focus on. A student may remain in one level for a year or two before moving up a level or two. That is because we pride ourselves in doing what is best for the student's ability and not their age. This class is a wonderful way to allow young students to start both disciplines and get a good base for what other classes they may decide in the future. Ballet helps with lyrical, tap helps with irish...hey you never know!


The most elegant form of dance there is. This is taught to preschoolers to advanced students. This is a good basic form of dance to begin students with if unsure of where to start. It leads to many forms of dance and will give them options when they discover other styles that they may like. At Toeprints we teach several styles of ballet to expose our students to more then one style. In order for our students to be on pointe shoes they will need to take this form of dance.




Broadway Production

Act & Dance and if you want to sing we won't hold you back. The most creative class for ALL ages, and offered at two levels. We learn by being characters like Oompa Loompas and Lucy from I love Lucy or Mama Mia and The Wedding Singer. All are welcomed to be creative and I like to use the student's original ideas that follow our theme for that year.

Broadway 1 class

Broadway 1 class


A style of dance with a lot of layers. You start as a student learning 1940's tap. This is a classic form of dance using the 1-8 beats of the music. Learning how to use different parts of the foot to make different sounds. As you progress in the learning of tap you learn rhythm tap which uses all the different beats between the 1-8 count. Sometimes you take every day sounds and turn them into tap rhythms. This style is offered from Combo 1-Tap 4 at Toeprints.


Lyrical dance can be interpreting in many ways. But we use it as an expressive dance that is a combination of ballet & lyrical. A lot of times this form of dance tells a story and is danced to the words of a song and not necessarily danced to the 5, 6 7, 8 that you hear in classes all so often.


This is the classic form of celtic dance. This requires a high amount of energy and a different set of technique than what many dancers are accustomed to. Students usually start with learning soft shoe and then progresses to hard shoe.


A classical form of dance that is sassy and classy all at the same time. From pointed toes to a shake of the hips this is a style all of it's own. Fosse was a choreographer very well know for his jazz routines because he created a style all of his own. This is done to a lot of songs off of the radio but can also be done to broadway songs.

Hip Hop

This form of dance came from "street style" dancing. There are too many genres to list under this heading from pop and lock to crumping. At Toeprints we pride ourselves in being a family friendly atmosphere with appropriate music. Lots of attitude needed in the dance with lots of energy. Taking the simplest movement and making it larger than life.


Many little girls grow up wanting to get on the tip top of their toes while dancing. This is where they get to do that. BUT they have to be strong enough and skilled enough to do so. Several years of ballet dance is required usually before this is a possibility so that a dancer does not hurt themselves. A Ballet class is required in order to take a pointe class